Getting the Best Out of Your Motor Oil

Conventional oils have served drivers for many years. However, there is a changing tide approaching, and that is the use of synthetic oils. Even though conventional oils ensure your car is in good shape, brings our good performance and helps your car handle the road pretty well, synthetic oils offer more.

Take note that not all cars can use synthetic motor oils. Actually, there are cars that can only use a mixture of synthetic and conventional motor oils, and others can only use synthetic oil. Either way, synthetic oils have been characterized with the best protection for motors, even when driving under extreme weather conditions.

Get to know more about synthetic oils, and whether they can be used for your motors by visiting our service center today. Beaman Ford Inc. at Dickson will be here to assist with all your questions regarding synthetic oils. We will also show you the difference between conventional and synthetic oils, and how you can use these differences to your advantage.
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