Are You Ready For The New & Improved Ford Explorer?

The Ford Explorer has moved its way into the USA automotive market, attracting customers who want the best performance from a full-size sports utility/crossover vehicle.

This fabulous SUV offers the full package: a roomy interior fitting seven-passenger, assistive technologies that will keep you safe on the road, a physically attractive sleek design, a durable exterior that earned it a high rating with the IIHS, smart technology that will keep you up-to-date with the times, and an EcoBoost 4-cylinder V6 powered gas engine that gives it the necessary torque to go above and beyond.

This vehicle starts at only $31,990 for the base models.

If you want to take this vehicle for a test drive, Beaman Ford Inc. in Dickson has it in stock. They are built tough to last long. The Ford Explorer will give you exactly what is expected from the Ford Motor Company, easily exceeding your expectations.
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