Ford Focus RS Is a Versatile Vehicle

The Ford Focus is a favorite line of cars; they offer comfort, responsive performance, and economy in a compact design. The 2018 Focus RS adds a new dimension of sports styling and power. The Limited Slip Differential improves performance by distributing power to the two front wheels. The slip feature puts power to the wheel with the best grip on the road. This design reduces wheel spin, increases stability, and improves handling.

Dickson drivers appreciate the flexibility of the Ford Focus RS; you can select among driving modes including the "Track" and "Drift" modes that will enhance driver control under several driving situations. You can choose the handling mode that suits your style.

At Beaman Ford Inc., we invite you to come in and take a test drive. You can experience the power and dynamic options of the Ford Focus RS. We look forward to answering your questions and showing the performance features for 2018. Call or drop by today.



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