The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Provides Comfort

The Ford Transit remains a popular choice among families or organizations desiring a vehicle more akin to a traditional van. Along with ample seating, the vehicle is designed to provide comfort for all. The tilting steering wheel and telescoping column quickly accommodate each driver. Add front heated seats to enhance the cozy interior during winter.

Potential owners also have the option of getting reclining front seats complete with individual armrests. The spacious interior includes a height of 77 inches, which is typically sufficient for the tallest of passengers. Passengers easily find their seat secondary to the customizable seating arrangements. Choose a model that accommodates 10, 12 or 15 passengers.

The convenient side door enables all to enter and exit the van easily. Each wagon also features an ample aisle to prevent having to climb over other passengers. Explore all of the features and options that come with the Ford Transit at your local Beaman Ford Inc.



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