The Fusion remains one of the most popular choices among people who prefer sedans. The economical technology of the Fusion Hybrid makes the sedan that much more appealing. The 2019 models boast class, style and sophistication. Appreciate the hybrid's appearance by seeing them in our Beaman Ford Inc. inventory. Treat yourself to a test drive.

The exterior has an overall clean, aerodynamic profile, which is accented with smooth curves and sharply sculpted lines. The five-bar grille, headlights, Ford emblem and window frames accent the body with polished chrome. The head and tail lights provide precision lighting thanks to the energy-efficient LED bulbs. The headlights automatically switch to high beam when lighting conditions necessitate. The daytime running lights enable the driver to customize their use.

The windows are specially tinted to prevent glare and enhance cabin comfort. The hybrids are also manufactured with a choice of red, white or copper clearcoat that further protects the body paint while enriching the look.



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