When it comes to lineup choices in the pickup truck market of North America, the Ford Super Duty offers the most options. This heavy-duty vehicle is listed for test drives at Beaman Ford Inc. Available with two powerful engine blocks, this award-winning model has stunning capabilities and technologies.

From towing gooseneck-type trailers to hauling bulky payloads over long distances, the Ford Super Duty is engineered to successfully accomplish demanding tasks. The first powertrain option is a 6.2 L engine that accepts unleaded gasoline, compressed natural gas and propane Autogas as a fuel source. The other option is a 6.7 L diesel engine block that has the exclusive Power Stroke technology. A 4x4 drive, differential axle, solid axle and transfer case are some of the robust mechanical parts that could be installed under the hood of the Super Duty model. You can monitor the performance of the accessories on the 8-inch Productivity Screen.



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