Ford Mustang: Classic Muscle with an Incredible Design

The Mustang is without a doubt the most iconic sports car produced by Ford. Throughout the years, the Mustang was a go-to muscle car for its massive horsepower and quick acceleration. It's also been known for its attractive and stylish designs.

The latest version of the Mustang now comes in a new Bullitt model. The design hearkens back to the classic Fastback Mustangs of 1960s. On the inside, the new Mustang gets a classic green accent and hand stitching for the upholstery. A white, classic cue-ball gear shift adds even more to the throwback design.

For the exterior, you now get 14 different choices for the wheel design. The exterior style can be tweaked by selecting different trim levels such as the California Special or the GT Premium. To take the latest version of the Ford Mustang out for a drive, please pay us a visit at Beaman Ford Inc..



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