Of course, we enjoy offering options at Beaman Ford Inc. Ford's Certified Pre-Owned Program stands among our favorite options at our Dickson location. We want to hit its highlights now.

Certified Pre-Owned Fords save you money while providing dependability. You benefit from a previous owner driving a vehicle during its period of highest depreciation. As the next owner, you obtain your Ford with plenty of vibrant life and a lower price.

Ford ensures reliability in this program's vehicles by checking their CARFAX Vehicle History Reports for damage and major repairs. The company also requires that program cars be newer than six years. Also, a vehicle cannot be accepted if its odometer reads higher than 80,000 miles. Ford then has a professional technician examine the vehicle with a 172-point checklist's assistance. The technician catches any safety or wear issues and addresses them. Your Certified Pre-Owned Ford looks and runs like a new vehicle.



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