If you're looking for a pickup truck with lots of accolades, explore the latest Ford F-150. Carrying a light-duty identification, this legendary vehicle is available with multiple cabin sizes at Beaman Ford Inc. Using engineering blueprints with military inspirations, the company's designers developed a unique aluminum body for this vehicle. This composition significantly reduces the total curb weight without sacrificing other important properties, such as durability and strength.

Don't be fooled by the hollow structure of the frame, this Ford pickup truck has impressive payload ratings. You don't have to worry about damaging the bed liner when adding bulky equipment. Multiple cross-sectional members add extra strength to strategic points on the truck's body. The stiff members absorb heavy impacts from side collisions at high speeds. Additionally, the F-150 has durable axles that withstand extreme driving conditions. The tough axles are integrated into a classic 4x4 drive system with multiple modes.



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