Ford Focus RS Is a Versatile Vehicle

The Ford Focus is a favorite line of cars; they offer comfort, responsive performance, and economy in a compact design. The 2018 Focus RS adds a new dimension of sports styling and power. The Limited Slip Differential improves performance by distributing power to the two front wheels. The slip feature puts power to the wheel with the best grip on the road. This design reduces wheel spin, increases stability, and improves handling.

Dickson drivers appreciate the flexibility of the Ford Focus RS; you can select among driving modes including the "Track" and "Drift" modes that will enhance


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Ford Escape Interior Features

There is no question about it, the 2018 Ford Escape has captured the imagination of American consumers everywhere. This is because of the great craftsmanship and Engineering of this model. They left nothing to chance and they have a lot of added extras for everyone to enjoy. Consider these great interior features:

First of all, the 2018 Ford Escape has great amenities. These would include such things as an available heated steering wheel, an ergonomic steering wheel, and an electric parking brake what you simply set the gear with a switch instead of in a traditional manner.


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The Smart, Efficient Ford C-Max Is One of the Best Compact Hybrids

If you're a Dickson driver in the market for a hybrid car, you shouldn't have to sacrifice convenience for fuel efficiency. The Ford C-Max, a popular compact hybrid, has plenty of smart features sure to simplify your daily drive.

One of the car's most popular smart features is the Active Park Assist. When you need to parallel park, simply activate this feature. It will automatically measure the size of each potential parking spot and the distance between your car and the curb. It will alert you once it's found a spot suitable for your car. Convenience…

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Ford Edge Has Outstanding Interior and Exterior Design

Families in Dickson know that the go-to mid-size SUV is the Ford Edge. Its outstanding design has made it the winner of numerous awards, including being named by U.S. News & World Report as the best two-row SUV for families in 2018.

The Edge turns heads every time it's out on the road. From its eye-catching grilles to the fluid lines that sweep down its aerodynamic body, you'll know that the Edge is no ordinary SUV. Add the available Sport Appearance Package to get 19-inch painted wheels, dark headlamps and more to make your Edge and out-of-the-ordinary SUV…

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So, What Style Features Do You Get With A Ford EcoSport?

Ford is unveiling its new line of 2018 EcoSports and these popular crossovers are all over the streets in Dickson, TN. Drivers primarily choose an EcoSport because of how environmentally friendly and economical the vehicle is. People also love the EcoSport for its versatility, capability, and style features.

The LED lighting will make sure that you can always see the road ahead of you, even in the darkest of conditions. They also make sure that no matter where you go, you arrive there in style.

And the full-color 8-inch touchscreen brings modern technology into your car...


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Ford Taurus Technology Features Brings Safety to Higher Level

The advanced technology of the popular Ford Taurus sedan extends to your safety and your passengers.

The available Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is an exceptional feature that goes far beyond the typical cruise control. The ACC has sensors that will detect any traffic that is moving slow and prompts the Taurus to slow down as well. Once the traffic has resumed to its regular speed, the Taurus will peak back to the original preset speed. Additionally, the available Forward Collision...



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Ford Focus: Technology to Make Driving Safe and Easy

The Ford Focus is equipped with technology designed to assist the driver and make the passengers ride comfortable. Ford has designed the features to fit seamlessly into the Focus.

Technology plays a large part in the safety systems of the Focus. The driver can use the blind spot detection system and the rear-view camera to help watch for other vehicles, the surroundings, and pedestrians. Sensors are also built in to detect cross traffic, and there is a lane keep feedback system. All the sensors are located to keep a watchful eye all around the vehicle.



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Discover Some of the 2018 Ford C-Max Performance Features

There are many benefits the 2018 Ford C-Max has to offer consumers, which include impressive performance capabilities and a modern, stylish exterior. If you are interested in the Ford C-Max, read our summary of a few performance features that come with the new model.

The C-Max comes with a Regenerative Braking system. This system allows energy that is lost during braking to be restored and transferred to the battery. In addition, Brake Coach is another feature that increases efficiency because it coaches you on how to brake in a way that will maximize energy return...

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Ford Explorer Heading into 2018 with New Design Choices

Ford Explorer leads the pack in its class of mid-sized SUVs in large part due to its commitment to continually update its design features to keep the Explorer fresh. 2018 brings four new exterior color options to complement the wide array of hue choices -- Platinum Dune Tricoat, Burgundy Velvet Tinted Clearcoat, Blue Metallic, and Cinnamon Glaze. Ford spruced up the exterior package with a new distinctive front-grille design as well as premium quad exhaust tips and five new wheel options to complete the rugged and refined look.

We welcome you to visit Beaman Ford Inc. in...
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The Ford Mustang Dominates The Competition

Sports cars hold a special place in the heart of many car enthusiasts. Their peak performance and unmatched design features keep customers coming back each and every year to see the newest model. That is why our team here at Beaman Ford Inc. located in Dickson are so excited about the arrival of the brand new 2018 Ford Mustang.

Its newest body design is very similar to the original version of the popular sports car. This will keep the classic car lovers talking for months. It also includes LED headlamps in this model. This means that your headlights...

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