Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

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Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

With our special Lifetime Warranty, at Beaman Ford, you'll be covered from the moment you drive away from our store until you trade-in for another car when you buy from Beaman Ford. Our objective is to make every journey more enjoyable for you by offering a sense of security, which is why we include a Lifetime Warranty with all new and qualified used vehicles. You won't be able to get a warranty that protects you for an endless amount of time and miles anywhere else, so good luck! 

• Works anywhere in the United States and Canada 

• Our Lifetime Warranty allows you to service your vehicle anywhere.

Advantages of Beaman Ford's Lifetime Warranty: 

There is no limit to the amount of time or miles you can go: Our free Lifetime Warranty covers you for an unlimited number of miles and time, so you will have all the confidence while driving, knowing you'll be covered no matter what. It doesn't matter if you're on or off the road.

There are no hidden costs: 

Every new and used vehicle comes with Beaman Ford's exclusive Lifetime Warranty as standard equipment. We perform all of this with no hidden fees or costs, so there will be no unpleasant surprises down the road.

Simple maintenance: 

It's simple to keep your warranty valid. To keep your warranty valid, simply follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance regimen in your owner's manual. 

Servicing is simple: 

Our Service Center gives our customers convenient perks as well as rapid and efficient service. While we always hope that our Service Center is the most convenient for you, we recognize that life might take you to unexpected places. That's fine! To keep your warranty valid, servicing your vehicle through isn’t necessary. All you need is to maintain track of all your service documents to be in good standing.

To learn more about Beaman Ford's Exclusive Lifetime Warranty, visit our website: https://www.gobeamanford.com/exclusive-lifetime-warranty.htm
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