Most Common Car Noises

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Most Common Car Noises

It is quite exciting to drive a car and experience all the happiness. But just like any other car, your car will also get slow one day, and you might notice certain noises. These noises may not seem serious to you at the beginning, but if you want to take care of your car and ensure its longevity, then you should get it checked immediately. The noises that you hear coming out from your car could be for several reasons. It is important that you know the noises to understand the problem and get it checked by your mechanic.

Here are some of the noises you can hear from your car, indicating a serious problem.

1. Clicking noise from the car resulting in your car not getting started

If you notice that your car is not starting and hear strange noise, this could be because of the battery. It is quite a challenge to understand if there is a problem with the battery, especially if everything seems to be working fine. It can seem a bit tricky, especially if the low beam lights are still on and the dashboard also powers up. But even after all these things, there could be a problem with the battery. 

2. Squealing noise when you apply brakes

Noises because of brake problems is one of the common issues faced by drivers across the world. A sharp squealing noise might be heard among them, indicating a problem with the brake system. This noise is an indication that the brake pads or the drum rotors might have been damaged. A mechanical sensor is present on the brake pads, which, when it is damaged, gives an alert to the driver. This must be taken as a warning, and the brake pads must be replaced immediately.

3. Noises coming from the engine

A car's engine is made up of several parts, and you can hear noises from any part of it. If you hear noises coming from the top end part of the engine, it could be because of bad lifters and can cause tapping noises. Some noises can also result from problems with the alternator bearings, air condition bearings, and much more. It can get confusing for many car users, so it is best that you get it checked.

4. Noise when the steering wheel is turned

If you notice noises when you turn the steering wheel, it could be a problem with the power steering fluid. A probable leak in the power steering fluid could be the reason behind the noise and should be checked and replaced immediately.

5. Noise when the car is started

If you notice unusual sounds whenever you start the car, it could be because of a worn-out serpentine belt. If the situation deteriorates and it can cause problems with the functioning of the engine. If you hear these strange noises, then you must take them to a professional.

These are some of the common kinds of noises that can be heard from your car, and you must not ignore them. I should get them inspected to understand the underlying problem.
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