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When it comes to fixing up your Ford, you probably want the best there is. While most places can surely do a decent amount of work on your Ford, it's always better to have the people who live and breathe Ford rather than those who have a general knowledge of all makes and models. At Beaman Ford, our entire service team is made up of Ford certified expert technicians who are masters of industry and some of the best in Tennessee. We know our Fords. We know what makes them tick and their quirks as well. And if our experts aren't enough for you, we also consistently run parts and service specials to help you save some money on your service needs. On top of that, if you bought a new Ford from us, your complimentary Lifetime Warranty will help you reduce the cost of a lot of your Ford service needs. And if all of that still doesn't do it for you, well how about the fact that we can handle everything from oil changes and battery replacements to extensive engine repairs and even body work through our Collision Center. Good enough for you? If it is, then schedule your service appointment online today and bring it on over to Beaman Ford on TN-46 in Dickson. We're under an hour from Nashville, off I-40.


Our Services

Oil Change

Making sure your Ford is up to snuff is important, and getting regular oil changes is part of that. Sure, it can be a pain but by not taking care of this simple issue, you are putting your engine (and wallet) at risk. Bring your car into Beaman Ford and get your oil changed in no time at all. Schedule your oil change today!

Brake Repair

Your brakes are obviously one of the most important parts of your car. And finding someone who can adequately service them is just as important. Luckily for you, you've got a team of Ford experts at your beck and call. So when it's time to repair or even replace your brakes, Beaman Ford is where you need to be. Schedule your brake service visit today!

Wheel Alignment

Whether you're driving a Mustang or an Expedition, your driving experience should be a smooth one. So if you're feeling a shimmy or a pull when you drive, you could need a new alignment. Don't get used to that feeling, get it taken care of quickly at Beaman Ford! Schedule your wheel alignment at our service center today.

Tire Rotation

Tires for any car can be expensive, but getting tires designed for off-road or hauling, as you might be doing with your Ford truck or SUV can be especially so. So why not make sure they last as long as they should, if not more? Regularly rotating your tires will maximize their life. Schedule your next tire rotation with Beaman Ford today!

A/C Service

Even though Ford has greatly improved all of their systems across their models, everything wears down eventually, even your A/C system. So when it's time to get your A/C recharged, fixed, or just checked out, come to the Ford experts who know what they're doing. Schedule your A/C service visit at Beaman Ford today!


Dashboard Lights

Seeing all of your dashboard lights pop on can be annoying, especially when nothing seems to be wrong. However, there might be something under the hood that you're just not seeing. Just to be safe, bring your car to the Ford experts for a quick diagnostic visit. Schedule your visit at Beaman Ford today.

General Maintenance

Regular maintenance makes sure that your Ford remains the king of the American automotive industry, as it should be. And all of that general work done by a team of Ford experts makes sure that your Ford gets the best treatment possible. Make sure when you need some general maintenance done, you get it done at Beaman Ford.

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